Our Story

Taylor Bus Sales, Inc. originated in December of 1961 by its founders John Tom Taylor, his wife Mrs. Della Taylor, and eldest son, Tommye D Taylor.

The Taylor’s were known for their car dealerships, WARD bus dealers and even tractor and implement dealers. The bus business was the lifeline of the Taylor family and when they sold the new bus franchise to Trucks-Trailers-Buses (owned by the youngest Taylor son - Dwain), Tommye D branched out into the used bus business industry. It’s been going strong ever since.

Tommye would spend entire weeks on the road traveling to personally accommodate customers. He lived by his personal philosophy, which still hangs in the office:

Tommye lived by these principles and would often times give more than he received. He was a man of generous proportions and as aggravating as it could sometimes be (specifically for the bookkeepers and manager), he was loved for his generousity by many!

Tommye passed away in June of 2014 and he left a great legacy. He had a work ethic that none could uphold, a genuine love for people and a huge generous heart. He is greatly missed.  

Tommye's youngest son, David Taylor, is the current manager and owner. Taylor Bus Sales was the largest used bus business in the US for many years.

The business has changed course over the years from the export business (to central and south America) to government contracts, to local bus contractors and now rentals.

With generational ties to customer service in the bus industry spanning over 60 years, Taylor Bus continues to provide this same customer satisfaction and hopes to for generations to come.

Historical Photo
Personal Philosophy of Tommye D
Historical Photo